Export Finance

One problem almost all exporters face is cashflow – and the problem is most acute for people new to exporting, or businesses looking to grow by means of increased export sales. Asset Finance UK can help you overcome these problems by arranging short and medium-term finance that won’t affect your existing credit lines.

When you need to offer credit to win customers and cash to finance growth, get in touch with us and we’ll explain the options open to you and how our finance packages can be tailored to suit your own exporting scenario.

  • Solve the cashflow problems frequently encountered when exporting
  • Ideal for expanding businesses seeking growth through export sales
  • Special finance to help with VAT liabilities when exporting

VAT Finance

We can arrange VAT finance facilities to help exporters fund VAT situations where the UK seller has to pay VAT on purchases, but will be exporting the goods VAT free.

Problems caused by substantial VAT liabilities can arise where the customer is happy to pay for goods in advance or on delivery but will not (and doesn’t have to) pay the VAT on the transaction. It can take months to recover the VAT from HM Revenue and Customs, and even though the money is due to you and it’s guaranteed to arrive, it doesn’t help you pay your bills in the meantime.

As the VAT is recoverable, the VAT Finance we arrange is recovered from HM Revenue & Customs and used to replay the loan.

Asset Finance

We have a number of solutions that can be tailored to suit your requirements:

  • Plant and equipment with everything from earthmovers to blast furnaces.
  • Factory machinery including printing presses, production lines and woodworking machinery.
  • Commercial vehicles large and small from a single van to a fleet of articulated trucks.
  • Executive company cars covering the very best marques at extremely competitive rates.

Property Finance

We have a number of solutions across these four main areas:

  • Bridging Loans and Short Term Finance when you need to raise funds quickly.
  • Commercial Mortgages and Remortgages for all types of property.
  • Development Finance for new builds or major renovation work.
  • Loans secured on property for any business purpose and at competitive rates.

Invoice Discounting and Factoring

Invoice Discounting and Factoring are a means of improving your cashflow by obtaining funds secured on the strength of your sales ledger debts.

The average time taken for UK businesses is to get paid is 67 days. With Invoice Discounting or Factoring, you get up to 90% of each invoice value paid into your bank account immediately.